Excellent Result...

Our quality can be classified next to none. From the beginning of our group's first company many years ago until now we have always held the value of quality highest and will continue to make the highest standard of garments that the industry has seen.

Competitive Price...

Through many of our own in house and previously sourced and vetted channels Page has been able to create a great quality product at very competitive market prices that are changing and evolving with the industry.


We here at Page have tried from our inception to foster a sense of camaraderie in all our staff, we consider everyone under our umbrella not so much as employees but as part of a dedicated Team.

Professional Work and communication

One of the hardest aspects with globalization is the clash in work culture and language. We at Page strive to meet our clients professional needs and bridge any communication gap with all perfect English speakers.

Start to Finish Process

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Use of only Mayer & Cie and Terrot machines, with attachments for elasthane and the latest in knitting technology, guarantees the quality of our fabric. Our dedicated knitting plants have been designed with advanced technology capable of producing fabrics of any width, design and construction. Our highly trained and experienced team of technicians ensure rigorous control of fabric specifications through the knitting stages to achieve exacting finished fabric standards.

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Woven fabrics are developed and supplied to us based on our exclusive designs and colours from only the top mills in the country. Woven fabrics are developed and provided with the latest technology machines. The remarkable quality of our woven products comes from our use of the finest cotton constructions and finishes on the market today..

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Our elastics are produced from the very latest needle loom and crochet machines with computer support for flexibility and design. They are able to produce a large variety of elastics using either rubber or Elasthane in a variety of ends, widths, jacquard designs, elasticity, jacquard and pioneer computerised overhead looms.

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Processing and finishing plants at our disposal are all internationally certified for chemical use and processes.

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We have state of the art Tukatech CAD Designing & Marking software and a 6 sq. Ft. digitizer & plotter, which helps us achieve precise pattern making, grading and consumption efficient marking. These markers are double and triple checked by various professionals to ensure that the most efficient consumption is achieved.

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We currently have lay cutting tables, Eastman straight knife cutting machines, band knife machine and end cutting machines. Each and every cut panel is 100% tagged to prevent shade variation. Capacity is 30,000 pcs /

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Using only the latest machines with updated attachments and with a plant capacity upwards of 600,000 pieces per month, this department is the main pride of the Group, with an unmatched track record of productivity, efficiency and near zero defect production.

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There is a 100% quality check on all products before packing and transfer to the finished goods warehouse. All products which are ready to transfer are sampled according to the procedures prescribed in the Military Standard 105E, using an AQL of 2.5. For all our export orders, an internal final audit is conducted with an AQL Audit of 2.5 for workmanship and an AQL of 0.25 for label & packaging. In addition, a weekly evaluation is conducted for checkers based on the daily audit reports which have an emphasis on efficiency levels and is thus brought to the attention of the concerned heads. With an in-house quality assurance team that reports to senior management, very stringent procedures are in place at all stages of production. The emphasis however, is on preventing defects.

Our Mission

"Page Exports is committed to profitable growth by expanding the number of its satisfied customers. Each member of Page Exports team shall strive to deliver zero defect products as per customer requirements, on time and at the most competitive prices."

At Page Exports, we partner our customers in order to achieve most optimal results and cater to an ever changing market in the most cost effective manner.