Excellent Result...

Our quality can be classified next to none. From the beginning of our group's first company many years ago until now we have always held the value of quality highest and will continue to make the highest standard of garments that the industry has seen.

Competitive Price...

Through many of our own in house and previously sourced and vetted channels Page has been able to create a great quality product at very competitive market prices that are changing and evolving with the industry.


We here at Page have tried from our inception to foster a sense of camaraderie in all our staff, we consider everyone under our umbrella not so much as employees but as part of a dedicated Team.

Professional Work and communication

One of the hardest aspects with globalization is the clash in work culture and language. We at Page strive to meet our clients professional needs and bridge any communication gap with all perfect English speakers.

Raw Materials & Finishing

Yarn Count Checking

Having been associated with top international brands like Jockey and Speedo for decades, our materials conform to the highest degree of international standards and specifications. To ensure that our quality conforms to the requirements of our clients, raw materials are sourced from the most reputed suppliers available. All incoming raw materials and accessories are tested by a thorough inspection process, and physically inspected in a lab manned by experts in quality control. We ensure that our suppliers too, conform to our own standards of quality. This in turn dramatically reduces yarn defects and aids in producing the best quality fabric possible.

From yarn to fabrics Page Garment Exports exercises stringent quality control, we source from the best sources possible for all our raw material requirements.

100% Cotton
Cotton- Lycra/Spandex
Cotton Viscose
Microfi ber
Alternative natural fibers

Single Jersey
Jersey Jacquard
All Jersey Designs
Jacquard Ribbed
All Ribbed Designs
Interlock Designs
Interlock Jacquard
Knits & Woven Prints

Mercerisation double and single
Tefl on Coating
Garment/Pigment Dye
Enzyme Wash
Stone Wash
Acid Wash
Sand Blasting
Resin Coating
Silicone Wash
Shrinkage Control (Compacting)
Slippage control
Tear control
High wicking finish
Stain release
Stain resist

Dyeing for PC and CVC using HTTP
Reactive Dyes for all Cotton and Cotton Elasthane fabrics (using Soft Flow Processing)
Rotary and Chest Printing
Highly accurate panel printing
High quality Embroidery

Our Mission

"Page Exports is committed to profitable growth by expanding the number of its satisfied customers. Each member of Page Exports team shall strive to deliver zero defect products as per customer requirements, on time and at the most competitive prices."

At Page Exports, we partner our customers in order to achieve most optimal results and cater to an ever changing market in the most cost effective manner.